County of Plymouth MA

Parking Ticket Payment System


For assistance, please call the Parking Department personnel at the telephone numbers listed on the home page.
Each registration must be handled as a separate transaction.

It is likely the tickets are not entered into the system since they are recent and have not reached the Parking Department. If you use the contact form, please provide us with information so we may help you. Please include your registration number or ticket number and name of the town in which you received the parking ticket.

Electronic tickets are generally made available for payment after midnight of the day they are issued.

Our staff monitors the payments throughout the workday. We make every effort to clear these as soon as possible, but please understand the process may take up to 72 business hours to process the transaction.
Yes, your transaction is secure. Your payment information is protected with state-of-the-industry encryption methods and certified through VeriSign. Account information will not be saved after your payment has been processed.
After completing the payment process, a page with a confirmation number will be displayed. Please print this page for your records. You will also receive a copy in email.
Yes, you have these options. However, if the ticket is at the non-renewal stage, you are required to pay by postal money order or bank check if sending by mail. No personal checks will be accepted. You may also pay with cash in person at the Plymouth County Treasurer's office at 44 Obery Street, Plymouth, MA or at the parking clerk's office where your violation was issued. NOTE: The Town of Bridgewater and the Town of Great Barrington will NOT accept any payments at their location.
The County of Plymouth does not handle disputes or hearings of parking tickets. Please return to the home page, and click on the town where you received the tickets. Contact information for each municipality is listed there.
In 1982, The County of Plymouth began offering services to computerize parking tickets for municipalities within and outside Plymouth County. The municipalities, listed on the "Contact Us" page, are under contract with the County of Plymouth. The County of Plymouth has been authorized to perform these services on their behalf.
Plymouth County offers this service to pay parking tickets in "real time" online. For that convenience, there is a fee for the service.
Our system only allows the first seven characters of your registration number. Type those in the same order as they appear on your registration, leaving the last character(s) off. Your tickets should appear on the next screen.
If your card has been declined, you will receive an error message with the message, "declined". If you continue to use the same card, you will see "duplicate transaction". Those will be rejected as well. YourPay requires a 15-minute interval between attempts to use the same card for the same amount; otherwise, it sees it as a fraud attempt. In general, anytime you get a "transaction error notice" the charge did not succeed so the tickets remain unpaid. Inquire on your registration number again. If the ticket is gone, the charge went through.
No, you cannot. The system will only accept one credit card per transaction. You must pay the total amount in full. No partial payments will be accepted.
Parking fines are set by each individual town and escalate after certain deadlines expire, in accordance with the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 90, Section 20A½. By law, a motorist who receives a ticket must pay the fine or request an appeal with the local parking clerk before 21 days elapse, per the instructions on the ticket. After 21 days, the town may impose additional fines.